APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 56

Training Center The Training Center is the first stop for newly hired recruit officers. In addition to training recruit officers over a 32 week period, recruits also participate in an 18-week field training program, where they train as licensed peace officers with training officers in the field. The Training Center also offers in-service training to employees in a variety of state-mandated and departmental topics. In 2018, the Training Center provided 3,891 hours of instruction to employees. There were also 3,480 firearm qualifications conducted. In-service topics included firearms proficiency, rescue task force, mobile field force, and de-escalation training. The Force and Tactics Assessment Unit published bulletins to alert officers on current trends within the profession related to use of force application. The unit reviews all use of force reports and publishes an annual use of force report that is shared publicly on the department’s website. One of the key topic areas in 2018 was de-escalation training. Officers received eight hours of instruction that combined classroom teaching with videos of police encounters. The Basic Police Academy Total Hours APD State Requirements Requirements 1,280 643 Mental Health 40 40 Procedural Justice 8 0 Fair & Impartial Policing 6 0 LGBT Awareness 4 0 De-escalation & Force Options 80 24 Racial Profiling 4 4 Excited Delirium & After-Care 4 0 Autism Spectrum Disorder & IDD 3 0 Civil Rights Training 16 0 training protocols under de-escalation techniques provide officers with additional tools and resources when dealing with public encounters. Training Center 2018 Hours of Instruction Provided: 3,891 Firearm Qualifications Performed 3,480 56 | 2018 Annual Report