APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 55

Youth Support The School Resource Unit provides law enforcement staffing at all junior and high school campuses within Arlington ISD. Officers also provide support to several youth initiatives including Police Explorers, Police Activities League Camp, and Hometown Recruiting. Student Resource Officers also manage the department’s anti-bullying efforts and Campus Crime Stoppers program. The Police Explorer Post 602 allows teens who have expressed an interest in law enforcement to participate in the program. In 2018, Explorers placed second overall out of 80 teams and took first place in several categories including Officer Down, Unknown Call for Police, and Domestic Crisis at a statewide competition. The Police Activities League (PAL) Camp hosted 93 adolescents from Boys and Girls Club and Arlington ISD over a 4-week period. Participants played sports with officers, engaged in team building exercises, and had small group discussions about challenges faced by teens in school environments. The department’s Hometown Recruiting program exposes high school seniors to the law enforcement profession by providing them with curriculum similar to the department’s basic police academy. Many officers contribute hours to the program through scenario based training and team building exercises. Students progress through their college career by maintaining contact with the Hometown Recruiting Officer and participation in community education programs and events. Students successfully completing the Hometown Recruiting program are guaranteed an interview and are prioritized in the recruit hiring process. In 2018, the program was expanded to two classes consisting of 24 diverse students. There are 25 former graduates of the high school program who are currently enrolled in college. Arlington, Texas Police Department | 55