APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 53

Quartermaster In addition to the daily routine of managing the department’s fleet, uniforms and supplies, the Quartermaster’s office took on some significant projects impacting the organization. Fleet Specialists put 48 new Chevy Tahoes and Dodge Chargers into service, accounting for nearly 25% of the patrol fleet. The Quartermaster’s office moved over 4,000 uniform pieces during the implementation of the new body-worn cameras which required alterations to be completed to accommodate the cameras. This project was labor intensive and required a joint effort with vendors and patrol districts. This project required extensive planning and communication over a 5 month timeframe. The department implemented a new ballcap for officers after approval from Police Chief Will Johnson. Ballcaps can be worn by officers to protect them from sun and other weather conditions. All sworn officers had to be sized for the new ballcap due to a quick order turnaround. All ballcaps arrived and were issued to officers. The unit also took delivery of over 200 sets of active shooter ballistic gear. This included rifle resistant body armor plates, a vest carrier, rifle resistant helmet, and a carry bag. The gear weighed over 9,000 pounds and has been issued to sworn personnel. Arlington, Texas Police Department | 53