APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 52

K9 Unit The K9 Unit provides police responses to in-progress calls as requested by field personnel. The unit is led by a sergeant and has four handlers, each with a K9 assigned to them. In 2018, the unit responded to 298 calls for service. A dog was deployed in 90 of those calls which led to 38 apprehensions. There was only one case where a suspect was apprehended with a “bite” by the dog. K9 handlers also responded to 525 calls to assist patrol officers. Unit personnel also participated in 42 community events where citizens are able to get to know the K9 handlers and see their dogs. This amounted to over 2,000 contacts with the public where a K9 handler was present. Officers assigned to the unit train on a regular basis to keep their skill sets at top performance. Last year, 52 | 2018 Annual Report officers trained for 2,318 hours related to K9 operations and 224 hours in other departmental training. In 2018, the unit added a fourth handler which required a selection process of the officer and addition of a K9. This training continued into 2019 with a handler and K9 selected. Officers are assigned marked Tahoes with K9 labeling to alert the public about the presence of the dog. K9 Quick Facts 298 Calls for service 90 Number of times dog deployed 38 Apprehensions 525 Calls to assist patrol officers