APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 49

SWAT Unit The SWAT Unit consists of 57 officers, some of whom are assigned full-time to the unit and others who serve as a collateral duty assignment. The unit is supervised by a lieutenant and two sergeants. The unit is comprised of entry team officers, snipers, and negotiators. In 2018, the unit conducted 40 narcotic search warrants and undercover operations. The team responded to 5 barricaded persons and assisted with 13 vice operations in addition to other responses related to search warrants and wanted persons. Officers assist the Training Center in providing instruction in several categories including patrol operations, firearms proficiency, and scenario training. In 2018, the unit generated 9,295 hours in academy instruction. Unit personnel also attended several community events to educate the public on SWAT operations. These events were held at schools, community forums, and athletic events. Arlington, Texas Police Department | 49