APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 48

Traffic Unit DWI Arrests by Traffic Unit 718 Public Intoxication Arrests by Traffic Unit 61 Motor Squad Escorted Movements 325 Motor Squad Escorted Special Events 24 Commercial Vehicle Inspections 3,372 Commercial Vehicle Violations 11,487 Commercial Vehicles Placed Out of Service 504 Commercial Drivers Placed Out of Service 240 48 | 2018 Annual Report The Traffic Unit is one of the most visible sections on city streets and highways. Two motor squads consisting of eight officers each are supervised by a sergeant and patrol school zones and city thoroughfares for hazardous traffic violations. Motor officers also provide escorts to oversized vehicles and support special events. One of the core missions of the Traffic Unit includes impaired driving enforcement operations. The DWI Unit consists of eight officers and one sergeant. DWI enforcement officers conduct bar checks to ensure compliance with local and state laws regulating the consumption of alcohol. They are proactive in enforcement strategies by studying trends where crash frequencies related to impaired driving occur. Out of 1,539 city-wide DWI arrests, the DWI Unit made 718 of those arrests. DWI Enforcement Officer Stacie Brown continued making presentations in the Arlington and Mansfield ISDs to support the department’s efforts to curb underage drinking and impaired driving. The department also participates in a bimonthly Victim’s Impact Panel at MADD where staff attends a 2-hour recidivism prevention class for offenders. Approximately 4,000 students and 500 DWI offenders attended one of the 126 presentations given in 2018. The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit works to ensure local roadways and highways are safe and that commercial motor vehicles operate within federal safety standards. Last year, inspections resulted in over 500 commercial vehicles being placed out of service until necessary repairs could be made.