APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 45

East Patrol District The East District Foot Patrol Unit continued to make positive strides in reaching young people through various programs and initiatives. One of the Mission of the Month programs included cleaning up a property for an elderly woman who needed assistance. A dog mauling case that occurred received significant media attention after a man was almost killed. Detectives were able to identify and arrest the persons responsible. The East Patrol District focused on repeat offenders and violent crime in 2018. Part of the overall crime strategy included conducting traffic stops in hot spot areas. The district also responded to a dog mauling case in September that left a man seriously injured. The officer arrived quickly to the call and observed the dogs actively attacking the victim. The officer discharged his weapon, striking the dogs, and ultimately saved the victim’s life. Detectives were able to locate the dog owners and make felony arrests related to the mauling case. Foot patrol officers attended many community events to build rapport and elevate trust throughout the district. Officers participated at a Mentoring Arlington Youth (MAY) program suit and tie event held at Dillard’s, showing teens how to dress appropriately for an interview and demonstrating the proper way to put on a tie. Dillard’s graciously donated the ties to the teens after the event. Officers also participated at Camp Thurman, where teens learned about team building and leadership skills. The district received information from Code Enforcement that an elderly woman was dealing with several city ordinance violations related to her property. Officers met with the woman and worked to assist her in cleaning up her property. The fencing was fixed and extensive yard work was completed. Officers used their own resources to purchase the materials to help finish the project. Arlington, Texas Police Department | 45