APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 39

4 Get Involved Arlington PD Volunteer Program Volunteering is a way for people to help the community around them. The Arlington Police Department has volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. Volunteers are in Skywatch towers, patrolling neighborhoods and parks and providing technical support in police districts. Many are enrolling in classes where training and hands-on learning about police operations are taught by officers. After graduation, some join alumni associations and continue their support of Arlington PD in other ways. “Signing up to become a volunteer takes only a few minutes. The volunteer process is simple, easy and rewarding,” Step 1: Visit www.ArlingtonPD.org and click on Volunteer Opportunities. Step 2: Review the listing of volunteer opportunities and apply for the assignment that interests you most. Step 3: Once a profile is created, a Volunteer Coordinator from the Arlington Police Department will follow up with information about the application process, which includes a criminal background check. said Nanette Lombard, an Arlington Police volunteer who has worked in various technical roles with the department since 2010. “Volunteering with the Arlington Police Department is very important to me,” said Lombard. “It’s my way of giving back to a community that has been so great to me.” Volunteer Opportunities 1. Citizens on Patrol 2. Dog Walker Watch Program 3. Inside skywatch towers 4. Enrolling in the Hispanic Citizens Police Academy 5. Joining the Hispanic Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association 6. Administrative support in a specialized police unit 7. Managing efficiency as a volunteer coordinator for a police district 8. Serving with the Arlington Clergy and Police Partnership 9. Organizing/participating in a Community Watch Group 10. Enrolling in the Citizens Police Academy 11. Joining the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association 12. Providing administrative/technical support in police districts 13. Handing out burglary of motor vehicle report cards 14. Joining the High School Citizens Police Academy/Police Explorers More information: Arlington PD Community Support Division 817-459-5725 | City of Arlington Human Resources Department 817-459-6869. 15. Providing administrative support for the warrant roundup 16. Supporting operations in the Records Unit Arlington, Texas Police Department | 39