APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 32

Showcase Honor Guard The Arlington Police Honor Guard was established in 1986 and is comprised of approximately 32 sworn and reserve police officers from throughout the department. Originally established to provide honors for officers killed in the line of duty, the unit is now recognized as the department’s official ceremonial unit. Each year, the Honor Guard performs at funerals, ceremonies and civic events around the region. The 32 | 2018 Annual Report unit also provides training to other casket guarding and proper flag departments. Honor Guard members folding at the conclusion of burial hold the rank of officer with each services. section being supervised by a sergeant and commanded by a lieutenant. There are two primary sections – casket party and firing party. Members of the casket party represent the department at funerals with exact and precision-style movements related to carrying remains of fallen officers or retirees. Additionally, they provide