APD Annual Reports - 2018 Annual Report - Page 30

Showcase Arlington, Texas, A Community Policing Story The COPS Office in coordination with Not In Our Town (NIOT) produced a compelling video highlighting the challenges and community policing efforts in Arlington. The video and accompanying guidebook serve as a resource for other police departments to learn from Arlington’s experience. The commentary also takes viewers behind the scenes on how the department institutionalizes procedural justice and community policing initiatives. The 28-minute film dives into the challenges of policing in the 21 st century, particularly at a time when the 30 | 2018 Annual Report public has been increasingly examining and challenging the relationship between law enforcement and communities of color. “The basic relational bridge is the glue that keeps communities together when they’re dealing with circumstances that nobody wants to go through,” said Police Chief Will Johnson. The film follows the department as it navigates a series of widely publicized tragedies including a gang-related homicide and an officer- involved shooting. In addition, the deaths of five officers ambushed in Dallas is highlighted in the film. The core theme of the piece is about building trust and maintaining it between law enforcement and communities. A guidebook was produced for law enforcement and community screenings. Scan this QR code to view the video.