APD Annual Reports - 2015 Annual Report - Page 7

“Our officers serve Arlington with the highest honor and unwavering commitment.” - Twitter: @ArlingtonChief past year. The department began testing an alternative work schedule for employees. Officers worked with a national retailer, Walmart, to reduce the incidence of thefts occurring through inventive approaches such as prevention programs, court diversion, and effective enforcement in dealing with prolific offenders. The organization continued to be a pioneer through the use of social media to enhance transparency, keep the community informed and enhance the public’s trust. Our efforts in procedural justice continue to place citizens in the highest regard, by treating everyone fairly, with respect, and allowing individuals voice as decisions and outcomes are made. The Arlington Police Department would not be where it is today, if not for the dedication of each member of this organization. As your Chief, I couldn’t be more honored to serve alongside with the men and women who wear and support the APD badge. Will D. Johnson Police Chief 07