APD Annual Reports - 2015 Annual Report - Page 4

Mayor’s Message O n behalf of the entire City Council, I am pleased to present the police department’s annual report. We have remained competitive with our diverse workforce and I am extremely proud of the hard working men and women of the Arlington Police Department. Overall crime continues to remain at historical lows. Under the leadership of Police Chief Will D. Johnson, our community continues to be strong and united in our purpose of making our community one of the most livable communities in the United States. Arlington leads the nation in community policing initiatives and partnership building. Arlington has the best trained and most equipped police force in the country. This is reinforced by the fact that Arlington is one of the safest urban cities in America. Providing excellent customer service and public safety to all of our citizens continues to be one of my main priorities as Mayor. I know that we can accomplish much when we work together. I want to congratulate the hundreds of police employees for their dedication and commitment in protecting our community. W. Jeff Williams Mayor 04 City Manager’s Office City Manager Trey Yelverton