APD Annual Reports - 2015 Annual Report - Page 38

Center Stage Domestic Violence Home Visit Program 38 I n August 2015, the department launched a pilot project through the end of the year that focused on conducting home visits at domestic disturbance locations. Home visits included contacting both victims and suspects. By the end of December, personnel visited 61 residences and made contact with 51 individuals resulting in an 84% successful contact rate at residences. Only 13 individuals out of the 51 contacted had additional police contact after the home visit (25%). Only five locations generated offense reports out of the 13 individuals having additional contact with police. Field personnel reported that people were generally receptive to the information and resources provided during the home visits. The goal of the program is to prevent repeated responses to homes for domestic violence situations. There were several success stories during the pilot project including a residence in the North District that officers had responded to 17 times for domestic incidents in 2015. Officers conducted a couple of home visits at the location and there was a substantial reduction in calls for service at the location. The victim reported a greater self-esteem and was able to make better decisions based upon social service and counseling services that she attended. On average, the department conducts 3-5 visits a month in each of the four patrol districts. Officers and counselors receive calendar appointments with the location information and details about prior calls so they can engage with victims and suspects during these follow-up visits.