APD Annual Reports - 2015 Annual Report - Page 23

Some highlights from last year include: • DWI Enforcement Officer Stacie Brown shares her personal story of losing her sister in a crash. The story won an Emmy in the 2015 Lone Star Awards for journalists in the category of Outstanding Achievement. • A bank robber leads officers on a chase while exchanging gunfire on city streets. • The Homicide Unit participated in the television show, Cold Justice, in hopes of bringing justice to a family. • Media Office sworn personnel conduct fan experience at events in the Entertainment District by talking with visitors, posing for photos, and handing out treats to children. • The public assisted the department in locating a specialized wheelchair for a young child after someone stole it from her driveway. • The department launched “Safe Exchange Zone” which provides citizens a secure place to meet after making an online purchase. • Retired Lt. James Long commemorated 60 years with the Department. After serving 38 years actively with the department, he began volunteering on a regular basis for the next 22 years. 23