APD Annual Reports - 2015 Annual Report - Page 22

In the News 22 Media Office T he award winning Media Office achieved many milestones in 2015. The unit led the department’s effort in increasing social media reach and followers through inspiring and relevant content. Personnel are also responsible for managing news stories and guiding the department’s responses for requests related to operations. The Media Office utilizes a proactive approach versus reactive by actively promoting positive stories that highlight department members’ great work being accomplished. The unit also manages public relations and branding initiatives through publication of newsletters, flyers, and public reports to keep citizens informed on what’s going on within the department. Visitors and dignitary visits are managed through the Media Office with an emphasis on providing excellent service and maximizing their visit to accomplish stated goals of learning best practices at APD. Video production and graphic design services are also housed with the Media Office. Team members were selected to teach at several regional and national conferences and APD is viewed as a best practices agency for citizen engagement through media approaches and social media integration.