APD Annual Reports - 2015 Annual Report - Page 19

circuit television with deterrent messaging, “Recording in Progress.” Other initiatives at the retailer included: • Enhanced public monitoring through television screens at self-checkout registers • Utilization of criminal trespass warnings to repeat offenders with criminal histories • A First Offender program is available to certain misdemeanor level suspects • The department began parking marked patrol units in front of the stores to serve as an additional deterrence • Officers conduct additional foot patrols inside the stores and within the parking lot The department experienced a significant decrease in calls for service and arrests at all Walmart “This initiative is saving patrol resources and building a healthier community through positive partnerships with Walmart.” – Assistant Chief Kevin Kolbye locations in the city. With this new program, there was a 36% decrease from October to December in shoplifting and theft calls. Walmart plans to replicate this initiative in other stores around the country. It continues to be a successful partnership between law enforcement and a large retailer. 19