AORE Partner News May 2016 - Page 4

Outdoor Foundation’s Outdoor Nation is Activating a College Campus Near You

In 2010, Outdoor Foundation launched a program called Outdoor Nation for a simple reason: the belief THAT college students have the power to change the world. With support of many brands in the outdoor industry, the program was focused on engaging, empowering and activating a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Today, Outdoor Nation represents the largest and most active community of young people championing outdoor participation and recreation in the U.S. To date:

- Outdoor Nation is working with almost 90 colleges nationwide (and counting!) empowering students to spearhead outdoor outreach efforts on campus and in communities.

- Outdoor Nation has held 30 summits and supported 300 campus and community projects – directly activating 50,000 young people and indirectly reaching an additional 500,000 youth.

- Outdoor Nation has cultivated the largest and most active online community of young people passionate about inspiring outdoor participation. Join us at @outdoornation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The strategic decision to focus on college students began over the past several years as it became obvious that they had emerged as the driving force behind Outdoor Nation’s success.

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