AORE Partner News March 2018 - Page 6

From the outset it was clear that this voyage of discovery would be amazing. The crew of Kiskeedee and Ubuntu were super organized, professional and so friendly. They took the utmost care of my students and that is worth its weight in gold. Meals aboard ship were just wonderful. The choices made available to students in terms of how to spend each day were well thought out and very engaging. We had so many options each day – explore an island village, swim, snorkel, photograph, learn some basic sailing terms, help out with the ship’s chores or simply visit on the beaches. This was a great program for a group of college students and I would recommend it to anyone.

Chester B., university program director

“The experience has been amazing and unforgettable . . . a spring break full of adventure and relaxation. The simplicity of being disconnected from my everyday world made me feel so connected to the outdoor world.”

Erin E.

“You taught me to pull in lines, steer the boat, and cook! I was always a lot more enthusiastic about cooking than I was skilled, but with your guidance, I was so proud of myself. I also became brave enough to try many new things.”

Vinny M.