AORE Partner News March 2018 - Page 15

The Whiskey

If you’re a high-angle, high-energy paddler, we understand that you need to get the most out of every stroke. The Whiskey accomplishes just that as it will take you through the water with intent, faster and stronger. It doubles as being lightweight and delivering the most amount of torque in each and every stroke.

The Whiskey comes in an all-carbon model and a carbon-fiberglass combination model:

Whiskey Carbon:

The Whiskey Carbon blades are compression-molded carbon fiber resin over a foam core. Coming in at a light 23 ounces, it gives you an ultra-low swing weight so you can focus more on enjoying shredding through the water while worrying less about tiring your muscles. Offered at $374.95 MSRP.

Whiskey Fiberglass:

The Whiskey Fiberglass offers you the same quality—slightly heavier, and offered at lower take home price.

Like the Tango, the blades on the Whiskey fiberglass are also offered in the high-vis Fuego, Agua and Sunwave patterns. They’re also hand-crafted and compression molded with multi-laminate fiberglass resin over a lightweight foam core. At only 26 ounces/737 grams, this kayak paddle will keep you going strong all day long. Available at $274.95 MSRP.

Both the carbon and fiberglass models of the Whiskey are available in nine different lengths from 200-240 cm.

Key Features

Both of these paddles feature a 2-piece shaft of aircraft-quality T-700 carbon along with a corrosion-free Posi-Lok Ferrule System that enables infinite feathering angles designed for the discerning paddler.