AORE Partner News February 2015 - Page 6

Outdoor Orientation Program Symposium (OOPS) The Outdoor Orientation Program Symposium will provide theoretical and pragmatic models of successful adventure orientation programs. The symposium includes workshops on; risk management, training student leaders, creating academic links, and integrating research outcomes. The symposium faculty are current or former adventure orientation program directors and researchers. KEYNOTE A Half-Century Perspective on Outdoor Orientation Programs - Some Things I Have Learned Jed Williamson Jed Williamson is continuing his work as an educational consultant in curriculum design and risk management following ten years as President (now Emeritus) of Sterling College in Vermont. His life’s work has been as practitioner in experiential education and outdoor pursuits and has included including over 60 safety and quality reviews and accident investigations. At the 27th Outdoor Orientation Program Symposium Jed will be discussing the Prescott/OB model of outdoor orientation, the need for programs to conduct peer reviews, risk management best practices, and why the accreditation process is important. He will be highlighting accidents and case studies from the past half-century to showcase how far