AORE Partner News February 2015

Vol. 2, Issue 1 AORE Partner News Dear Members & Partners, As you gear up for your spring break adventures we would like to encourage you, our members, to take a look at the many resources we have made available to you. Our partner organizations provide a wonderful place to start as many of them offer exclusive benefits to AORE members, which can be helpful to you, your program and your students. For example, AORE recently resigned our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement with NIRSA, extending it for the next 3 years. This mutually beneficial agreement allows AORE members to attend the NIRSA conference at NIRSA member rates, and NIRSA members to attend the AORE conference at AORE member rates. A new benefit to the agreement includes the opportunity for AORE members to post to at NIRSA member rates, expanding the network for professional development for AORE members. It is because of our partners [NIRSA, IMBA, ACA, OAK,, the JOREL, PathWrangler, NOBA, OOPS & SIET], that we are able to continue working to fulfill our mission of providing opportunities for professionals and students in the field of outdoor recreation and education. Our partnerships allow us to exchange information, promote the preservation and conservation of the natural environment, and address issues common to college, university, community, military, and other not-for-profit outdoor recreation and education programs. We hope you will take the time to explore some of the great events, activities and news they have provided us with about the work they are doing within their own organizations. Our partners allow us to work towards our mission as we all strive to promote healthy and active lifestyles, and to achieve a better future for outdoor recreation professionals and the outdoor industry. Hannah Cooley National Office Manager & Membership Coordinator February 2015 In This Issue...          Welcome IMBA ACA OOPS NIRSA NOBA SIET Events AORE Partners