AORE Partner News August 2015 - Page 7

Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education Looking to Become a Strategic Partner? AORE Strategic Partners are not-for-profit organizations that maintain similar values/goals/missions in line with AORE. The purpose of partnering with these organizations is to facilitate dialogue and collaboration between like-minded organizations on a national level. These partnerships will help endorse industry best practices, aid in the identification of industry issues and move towards a common goal - advancing the profession of outdoor recreation and education. Strategic Partners may receive non-member discounts to our AORE Annual Conference [up to 10%!].  AORE Strategic Partners will be invited to join AORE roundtable discussions at the Annual Conference.   AORE will produce a quarterly AORE Partner Newsletter located on the website and emailed to AORE members about our Strategic and Corporate Partners and their impact on the outdoor recreation community.  Linked logo and description on the AORE website. There are many ways to become actively engaged and help to begin the dialogue between like-minded organizations on a national level as an AORE Strategic Partner. The result of our efforts can help us create standards for best practices, promote advocacy for land access and conservation, and support professionals that depend on us to provide them with the most up-to-date research in the field. Benefits of becoming a Strategic Partner include:  space at the AORE Annual Conference for discussion. Submit your Strategic Partnership Application today! AORE Strategic Partners will be offered 1 hour of free Contact with any questions.  7