AORE Partner News August 2015 - Page 4 Growing Our Profession many of you have already contributed to the Epinephrine Use & Legal Issues for Outdoor Programs Survey. You can help by completing the survey and check out the very informative preliminary survey results. We contribute to growing and supporting our field by providing the best platform for sharing information. A great example is our recent article Epinephrine: Medical & Ethical Necessity or Legal Nightmare? Hundreds of people have read it and How do I make my Program Better? How do I Advertise my Program? By posting on One of the best ways to improve your program is to document the operations, curriculum, and training tips that you use every day, but never take the time to write down. Write it up and submit it as an article for OutdoorEd. The process of documenting your program will pay off in improved operations, more efficient staff training and will help others improve their programs. Find out How to Contribute. Take advantage of the AORE discount on Company Profiles to post Jobs and Trainings on OutdoorEd (50% for Organizational members and 10% for Professional members). We offer the most advanced features for presenting your program to potential staff and clients. Check out our deals on the OutdoorEd Store.  is the premiere outdoor education Web resource. Our mission is to provide the best collection of online resources for outdoor education professionals. Whether you are looking for a job, developing a new program or looking for risk management resources turn to 4