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This spring Mitch Hoffman-Outdoor Program Director at the University of Minnesota along with Jeannette Stawski-AORE’s Executive Director travelled to China with funding from a State Department Grant speaking at five Chinese Sport Universities about the value and impact of outdoor recreation. After my time travelling with the AORE delegation on the G Adventures Peru trip, I wanted to compare notes with Mitch about how his time in China informed his views on the value of international outdoor travel for college and university outdoor programs. I sat down with Mitch for what proved to be an engaging and informative conversation.

I have been a member of the AORE since 1998. During that time I served on the Board of Directors, Climbing Wall Committee, Conference Development Committee, and the Executive Director Hiring Committee. I have also had the opportunity to be the conference host twice including hosting this year’s AORE conference in Minneapolis. My most recent work with the AORE is in sponsorship and vendor development.

The China trip began with the Doctor Li Li Ji at the University of Minnesota reaching out to see if I would go to China as part of a State Department grant to share how we do outdoor recreation on college campuses in the United States. He wanted to know what the best subject matter to provide would be. I knew that I could speak to the operational side of outdoor recreation, but the bigger picture is the AORE and what the AORE represents. College outdoor recreation makes impact at the national level. Bringing Jeannette Stawski, as AORE’s Executive Director, was the obvious choice as she can speak to what is occurring at the national level.

Members in Motion: Mitch Hoffman

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By Bryan Karban, AORE Treasurer