AORE Association News September 2016 - Page 12

Assist the Awards Committee with Reading Award Applications


As the fall season approaches we grow closer to the highlight of every year: the Annual AORE Conference. Held this year in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota, the conference is an opportunity for us to come together for a time of learning, networking, and further developing the performance of ourselves, each other, and the entities we represent. Among the conference events is the Awards Banquet at which students, professionals, and organizations are celebrated for their hard work and commitment to the field of outdoor recreation and education.

The Awards Committee has two requests for you as the membership body of the AORE in regards to the conference. One we hope you have read many times and have already acted upon: applying for scholarships for yourself, and nominating your fellow members for awards they deserve. Thank you to everyone who has taken advantage of this opportunity; we are excited for you and those around you as you collectively advance yourselves and the programs you represent. Now that applications have been submitted, however, we have another request. This year, in an effort to create a more seamless and effective selection process, we are asking members to volunteer for reading subcommittees. These subcommittees will be responsible for helping the Awards Committee select award recipients.

Call to Action!

The Awards Committee is excited to involve more of the membership body in the selection process this year, and any assistance you are able to provide will be much appreciated. Your involvement will help ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the award selection process!

By Tyler Merriam, Awards Committee Member