AORE Association News September 2015 - Page 8

Who is Dr. Odell Buckenflush? Dr. Odell Buckenflush represents "everyman." He projects the persona of the supreme paddler and a legend (in his own mind). If something weird or goofy has happened around the river, it has happened to Dr. B. By the same token, his many years of paddling have resulted in numerous adventures. Throughout his diverse paddling experiences, the tendency for a "dark cloud" to appear overhead asserts itself repeatedly. In spite of all challenges, Dr. Odell Buckenflush keeps his “chin up." After all, the glass is always half full!

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Spencer, S. (2015). The Odell Buckenflush Chronicles: A Collection of River Tales. Vol 1. ISBN 978-0990441113 Publisher: Wilderness Education Assn. 156 pgs.

Who is Dr. Odell Buckenflush?

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