AORE Association News September 2015 - Page 11

Adventure Medical Kits: Our playing fields are often located far from the modern amenities that we take for granted – electricity, telephones, running water, and ready access to professional medical help. Consequently, the need to be self-sufficient in the outdoors is essential, especially during an emergency when assistance from rescue teams may be hours or days away.

Selecting the right outdoor safety gear — products that have been tested to withstand the elements and that are intuitively designed so that they can be used easily by the layperson — can make all the difference when it matters most.

Adventure Medical Kits is dedicated to bringing you the most innovative products which will keep you safe in the outdoors. At AMK, our love of the outdoors is matched only by our drive to create products that allow your customers to stay healthy on land, water, and air. We rely on the expertise of world authorities in wilderness medicine and survival techniques to develop and refine our products year after year.

An adventurous spirit loves to explore. We hope that Adventure® Medical Kits help you enjoy those experiences and keep you coming back for more.

R&W Enterprises: R&W Enterprises is a family owned and operated distributor of rope and cordage. Started in 1985 as a "one man" operation out of the trunk of a hand-me-down car, we've grown into one of the most diverse stocking warehouses in the industry. We've got rope - whether it's small 50 lb test braided line for ice fishing, brightly colored rope for trying your hand at tying a rope halter or a fancy knot, a safety line for a school's challenge course, or a full set of custom spliced

docklines, chances are we have it and have it in stock. We know rope – both the technical side of how its made and the application side of how its used, and enjoy helping you find just the right product for your needs. And we sell our rope at some of the best prices you'll find anywhere. QUALITY, VALUE, & SERVICE - it's what we expect and its what you can expect from us.

It's a running joke around here, but it really is true – our mission at R&W is to make people happy. Really! We figure that if we focus on our customers, giving you the kind of service, quality products, and value pricing we would want, then that's going to translate into a winning combination for us all. At least that's what WE think!

KU2: KU2 Travel is designed for trip leaders who want to take the hassle out of arranging a ski/snowboard trip. We specialize in listening to your specific group needs and working with you to arrange an unforgettable adventure.

We will work with any budget from inexpensive dorm-style housing to on-mountain lodging, and from small "mom & pop" ski hills to world class resorts. We also can assist with equipment rental, ski/snowboard lessons, ground transportation and mountain orientation tours.

With 20 years of experience working with college and high school students, we understand the challenges of planning a destination winter group trip. We’re here to simplify the process.

Association for Challenge Course Technology: Founded in 1993, The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) is the world’s leading and largest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer focused specifically and solely on the challenge course industry.

ACCT is comprised of a nucleus of more than 2500 members worldwide (including the United States, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Canada, Japan, Korea and Central America) and continues to develop a global alliance of like-minded organizations.

Liberty Mountain: Liberty Mountain is one of the largest wholesale distributors of technical outdoor products and climbing gear in the U.S. In other words, Liberty Mountain is the one-stop-shop with everything for the outdoors for your outdoor gear store. Instead of contacting, ordering, and managing numerous accounts with various manufacturers to fulfill the store's inventory list, you can simply place your orders--via phone, email, and/or website--with Liberty Mountain to get shipments that consist of countless brands and products.