AORE Association News March 2017 - Page 9

and we look forward to seeing increased participation in 2017. Look for more news on this as fall approaches.

The committee is also working on some new and exciting long-term projects. Eric Frauman is spear-heading the development of environmental stewardship guide-lines for outdoor program trip staff. The guidelines will focus on understanding how we as visitors impact our natural resources, helping student trip leaders educate participants in the field on natural resource conservation.

Additionally, the ESC is continually working to update our Green Conference Manual for future host committees to use to ensure that each conference is conducted

in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Lastly, the ESC will be contributing quarterly to the AORE vendor newsletter; our first article will be in the upcoming publication. Each article will be different—we will focus on “green” initiatives, envi-ronmentally sustainable vendors and products, and unique volunteer efforts and programs. If you have anything that you would like to see or if your program has a sus-tainability practice in place that you feel is worth sharing with the AORE community, please contact Dylan Blaskey at

We’d like to remind everyone that we are always looking for new members to join the ESC. If our projects interest you or if you have an idea for a new project, we’d love to have you join our team. Please reach out to Nick McEachern ( and Elise Clausen ( for ESC inquiries.