AORE Association News March 2017 - Page 3

From the Executive Director


Dear AORE,

From the Executive Director

Over the last year, with your help, we have strategically shifted the direction of AORE leadership to create a modern, streamlined, goal-driven organization that is set up to achieve our 2017 priorities of membership, advocacy, and development that were set at the 2016 midyear board meetings. I want to celebrate our continued transition and growth as an association, moving from organic to organized!

We continue to learn and mature as an association. The Board of Directors developed eight SMART goals after reviewing the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan goals and after assessing our progress since 2015. The BOD is pursuing two goals from each of our four pillars:


organizational health

relationship engagement


Starting in August 2016, the BOD has worked with chairs for feedback and objectives that would meet the eight SMART goals. As the association looks to encourage collaborative participation among committees, with all united behind strategic goals, AORE will be better aligned to direct and manage its program offerings and services to achieve the agreed outcomes in 2017. Ultimately, all of this work in 2016 will allow for leverage in 2017 (January 1-December 31—12 full months) to achieve these eight SMART goals.

AORE’s committees, particularly our committee chairs and committee mem-bers, are the heartbeat of AORE. It is through committee work that AORE either will or will not achieve its desired outcomes of:

• sustainability for the organization,

• following through on a strategic path,

• strength and credibility of the organization, inside the membership and externally, and

• consistently high morale in the profession.

As a result, AORE is making a deliberate and systematic effort to:

• ensure leadership continuity in key positions,

• retain and develop intellectual and knowledge capital for the future,

• encourage individual advancement,

• build bench strength, and

• develop a pipeline of leaders.

I’m excited to share with you some of this transition in graphic form on the following two pages. I invite you to become further engaged with AORE in any way you feel you can best serve!

Adventure On,