AORE Association News March 2017 - Page 12

A Groundbreaking Database From the

Student Development Committee

Jason Gosch and Chris Hendricks

We wanted to take a moment in this newsletter to celebrate some of our awesome Student Development Committee members’ work and talk about a big project we’re working on now. As some of you may know, one of our goals during 2016 was completing a database of outdoor recreation programs at universities and colleges across the U.S. Well, with the help of a ton of volunteers, we were able to log 356 programs across all 50 states!

Nothing quite like this database has ever existed before, and it’s already being used for research purposes by members—but also as a means by which we can help spread the word about AORE and our mission to programs that might not have heard about us. We want to take a moment and give a special shout-out to a few key “researchers” who helped curate all the data for us over an untold number of hours: Alice Morgan, Donald Schmidt, Houston Taylor, Christine Hoffman, Alex O’Brion, and Chris Bartram—thank you all so much for your hard work!

Now it’s time for phase II of the database project: parks and recreation. If tackling outdoor programs at

universities seemed a large task, parks & rec is the momma bear! We’re going to need all hands on deck to help us research parks & rec across the country, so if you’ve ever wondered how you can contribute to AORE but weren’t sure what you could commit to or didn’t have a direction, here’s your way. You will be able to research as many or as few places as you want, one hour once or five hours a week, entirely up to you. And in the end, you’ll be

able to see a tangible product that will be used by thousands of members and others to better advocate for the outdoors the way that AORE has been doing. It does-n’t matter if you are

a student or professional, SDC member or not—we’ll teach you how and what you are looking for in 10 minutes and give you the tools to make it as easy as possible to document your fin-dings. Please reach