AORE Association News March 2017 - Page 11







A subcommittee is working to revise the current DEI mission statement to be more succinct so it can more easily inform decisions on the BOD and administrative levels.

A subcommittee is assisting Jeannette’s team with identifying funding streams for DEI-related pro-gramming. We expect the committee to be active in drafting a grant proposal that can be adapted as resources are identified.

We were instrumental in creating the social justice theme for educational programs, and we hope to participate in the review of related presentations. We are also hoping to assist Event Garde with the DEI-related pre-conference program.

A subcommittee is working on populating the AORE DEI webpage with valuable re-sources and tools for programs, employers, em-ployees, and vendors.

Our goal is for this page to be your “go-to” reference page for DEI information in the outdoor industry.

Targeted Recruitment for AORE 2017. A subcommittee, headed by Marc Magnus-Sharpe, is working with the Roanoke host team, the Board of Directors, and the national office to identify ways to increase the participation of more diverse constituents in this year’s conference. We are looking forward to some creative solutions and reduced barriers to participation.

The DEI committee has mobilized around the initiatives below. If these ideas inspire you, please contact us to offer your additional support!