AORE Association News June 2017 - Page 13


proposals. This gives us more eyes, more opinions, and a streamlined process to help us find the crème de la crème of presentations for your conference viewing pleasure.

Another goal we are working towards is a revamped evaluation form. We are all aware of the value that feedback has on the quality of a program and we intend to use this instrument to continually pursue the best presenters and topics for our members. This allows the audience to share feedback with the PRC, who can then forward information to the presenter(s) for meaningful, direct and timely feedback. We are working on how to incorporate the famous feedback sandwich, but we may have bitten off more than we can chew.

The PRC is proud of the work we have accomplished so far, and we hope that our work can translate into a better conference experience by having powerful presentations that are leading the charge in advocacy, innovation, and education. We would also like to thank the members who took time out of their day to give back to AORE by providing feedback for the submitted proposals. This work could not be done without you.

AORE 2016 Keynote Speaker, Joe Stone, gave his incredible story and inspired the entire audience. Take a cue from Joe and inspire us with yours by presenting!