AORE Association News June 2017 - Page 10

Nearly a year ago, a group of 13 AORE members travelled on a G Adventures supported trip to Peru as part of a collaborative Global University. The trip was designed not only for AORE members to experience what an international outdoor trip through a 3rd party was like, but to discuss what some of the challenges and opportunities would be for college and university outdoor programs seeking to develop international programming. At the conclusion of the trip, the team all felt the personal value of international travel and saw how it could benefit the students they serve in their home institutions. In the year following the trip, many of the participants have either successfully run or attempted to run international outdoor programs. This article will highlight some of these achievements.

Iceland is the most popular destination for participants following the AORE Peru trip with three programs running trips there. One of the draws of Iceland is how well it pairs with content related to sustainability. By tying a international outdoor program to a theme or topic, organizations can deliver positive learning outcomes for participants beyond just having a unique experience.

Most of the international trips run by this group were self supported with the exception of a trip to Colombia and Costa Rica. Using a 3rd party provider can ease some of the logistical burden of trip planning, but adds on cost to the trip which is part of the reason many participants chose to go self supported. Another benefit of using a 3rd party is that participants will have the chance to interact with and learn from local guides.

One program offered a trip to the Cordillera Blanca in Peru and used an interactive planning model. Participants and leaders worked together to develop the itinerary,


AORE and G Adventures Global University Peru Participants: One Year Later