AORE Association News June 2016 - Page 9


By: Kyle W, University of Minnesota

Climbing Program Staff and Routesetter

The Mad Rock Shark is one of the most comfortable bouldering shoes I have ever worn. I personally have owned three pairs, and I am definitely going to buy more. The Science Friction rubber is very soft, making the shoe easy to break in compared to other brands. It is also very sensitive and makes it easier to toe in on rounded or glassy feet. The heel spur makes heel hooking on small holds a breeze. I find that I can almost “cheat” by hooking it on small crimps that I would never be able to get my heel on otherwise. The toe is not as aggressive as many other bouldering shoes, making it a bit harder to toe in on steep terrain. However, this is slightly compensated for by the fact that the toe and heel rubber are separate pieces, allowing the shoe to bend freely with your foot. On top of all this, the Shark is way cheaper than any of the shoes it competes with. Overall, I give it five stars.