AORE Association News June 2016 - Page 8


Mad Rock Climbing Shoe Reviews

Mad Rock Shark 2.0

By Tom Z, University of Minnesota Climbing Gym Head Setter

The Mad Rock Shark 2.0 eats steep boulders for breakfast (and dinner). I've been climbing in the Sharks for a couple of years and have tested the shoe out on climbs of every style, both indoors and out. Their aggressive downturn, flexible midsole, glove-like fit, and highly engineered heel cup put these crushers on par with any other shoe in a bouldering bandito's toolkit. Their overall utility is fantastic: wear them during comps, on real rock, during try-hard seshes at the gym, anything. As a setter, these are my go-to forerunning shoe. They're quick to put on, easy to use, and they perform. Additionally, these dwellers-of-the-deep dominate overhanging terrain with ease, and, to be honest, they have the best toe box out of any shoe that I have tried. When I need to toe hook, I grab the sharks. I've found that the first thing people notice about the sharks is that they feel too clunky and uncomfortably stiff, but I guarantee that if you let the shoe break in enough and really give them an honest go, you won't be disappointed. They have to break in a fair amount before they can be used to their full potential. So, if you need an all-around performance shoe for gobbling up steep terrain, I recommend you take the plunge into the deep and take life by the fins with the Mad Rock Shark 2.0.