AORE Association News June 2016 - Page 7


Training the next generation of climbing professionals

College and university climbing gyms are staffed by students who learn the importance of customer service and risk management. Some student staff will have the opportunity to gain professional certifications, take on management roles, teach lessons and clinics, and routeset. The opportunity for climbing staff to develop these skills will benefit them not only if they seek employment in the climbing industry, but in any career.

Educating climbers on ethics

With more people climbing every year, the collective impact on our shared outdoor climbing areas increases. But so does the opportunity for more people to contribute to conservation through volunteerism and philanthropy. College and university outdoor programs are exceptional educators with Leave No Trace principles permeating their programs. College climbers have the opportunity to learn both the value of conservation and best practices to reduce climbing’s social and environmental impacts at the crag.

The sport of climbing continues to develop every year and college and university climbing programs are an integral part of this development. Together AORE Professional members, Student members, and Vendor members can ensure the broad community of climbers stays strong and engaged.