AORE Association News June 2016 - Page 5

Dear AORE Supporters,

I write this as I travel back from Ann Arbor MI from the Mid Year BOD meetings where we covered a lot of positive strategic ground. As I mentioned in my previous update, the BOD has been focusing with the lens on high level, long term Access, Organizational Health, Relationship Engagement and Education. Within our 3-day BOD meetings, we went through an amazing training by Mia Axon, a MI based development consultant and world-class climber from back in the 90’s. She shared results of her AORE Development Assessment that included the amazing work we are currently doing as well as advice on what we can all do to take the AORE to the next higher level of success in development/fundraising for 2016 and beyond.

We also focused on alignment of our conference, committees, Board and National office efforts and communication to be filtered through and supporting our Strategic Priorities of Membership, Advocacy and Development. From the word on the street, we are moving forward with the right intentions and focus, and through this we will reach our 2016 and 2017 goals.

We also enjoyed an inspiring workshop by Aaron Wolowiec from Event Garde on AORE conference history, assessment of our current committee, National Office, and BOD support of the conference, as well as lessons learned from our past and best practices within the US conference industry. We discussed our current AORE conference strategy and what this does for our present and future time frames, work plans, and the direction and oversight required to achieve these goals. Aaron once again knocked the ball out of the park with his keen attention to details and inspiring presentation.

You heard it right, the BOD is shifting to a strategic longer range planning timeline. We have reviewed the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan and have gone through it line by line to see what we have accomplished, what is ongoing, and what is the best use of our current efforts to achieve in the short and long term 2016-2017. This development process will help everyone plan and reserve resources in a much more efficient way. The budget for 2017 has begun to be discussed with the hopes that it will be completed well before our conference in Minnesota.

If you have any questions about the work that was done at this mid-year meeting, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or any of your board of directors. We are eager and willing to connect with you to give you a better understanding of the process we worked through.

We would again like to take a moment to thank all of our members for supporting the AORE. Without your excitement and involvement, our Association would not be as successful as it is.


Russ Watts

President, AORE Board of Directors

Founder, Watts Group Coaching & Consulting


From The President