AORE Association News June 2016 - Page 14


During our trip south, we had the chance to hike on dormant volcanoes, cross glaciers, visit colonies of penguins, share the water with whales (humpback, Minkie, and Orca), float alongside icebergs, and see firsthand the remains of the collapsed Larson B iceshelf. Throughout the experiences, discussions focused not on the negativity of climate change, but on how everyone has the ability to make a difference and start a beneficial change. Individually we cannot stop climate change, but by sharing our experiences we can be a catalyst for knowledge and action. As one of the trip presenters (Nigel Paine) shared, one drop in a pond seems small, but the ripple of that single drop spreads across the pond. If each of us can be a single drop, or make a 1% change, we have the opportunity to work collaboratively to make the ripple turn into a wave.

As I prepared for, led, and have shared the experiences of the expedition and shared more about the organization and "what we were going to be doing" over the 2 week trip I came to an interesting realization that I always knew, but never really put forward to others. The response to the question of “WHAT?” should be responded first with a response answering "WHY!"

My response to WHY I was on this trip, WHY I chose to work in the Outdoor Education and Recreation profession, and WHY I serve as a member of the AORE Board of Directors, are all slightly different but they all come back to my personal thoughts and value of our wild places.

It is after sharing the WHY that the question of WHAT can be addressed and this response should not simply include the activities of the trip, class, etc. but should then offer up an opportunity to add an aspirational component of what will be done after the trip has been completed.

So why did I go to Antarctica? It was to experience one of the most majestic places on Earth and engage in discussions to explore how I can share and protect this treasure.

The trip was my drop in the ocean, and it is time to help the ripple spread by expanding the WHAT we were doing by sharing some small drops that you can add to help take the Inspiration to Aspiration:


+2 Degrees: Turn UP your air conditioner 2 degrees. This simple action by you creates a drop that when shared (friends, family, your workplace) can have a huge impact! #up2degrees


Learn more about the Antarctic Treaty that protects Antarctica and the 2041 Foundation. (


Make a personal commitment to make a 1% change to live a more sustainable life.


Share your passion for our wild

places, outdoor recreation, and your WHY with others.

From Inspiration to Aspiration Continuted