AORE Association News June 2016 - Page 10

Student Development Committee:

Goals and Priorities


By Chris Bullard, AORE SDC Co-Chair, Asst Coordinator Outdoor Programs,

Portland State University

Greetings from the PNW! It’s been a busy 7 months for us with the Student Development Committee (SDC). In Atlanta we had a great turnout with close to 70 people signing up to be part of the committee Our first meeting after AORE 2015 was on December 2nd and we’ve been pushing forward ever since. We started the new year as we do every year, condensing all our committee and participant feedback from last year into one place. Casey, Jason, Albert, and I took part of a leadership retreat before the start of the National Conference and had started to think about what our goals would be for 2016. With the help of the feedback from the committee we tailored our proposed goals to meet those needs.

Create database of all higher ed outdoor programs US by end of 2016. (MWR, P&R, retailers, etc to be done in following years)

Create AORE info session packet/presentation for presenters at regional conferences and utilized at 3 regional conferences in 2016.

SDC will have 50% of members making a donation by end of year 2016 to fundraise 1 student scholarship.

Submit a SOP for 2nd student rep and online election process by end of March 2016.

These are in addition to all of the other things that normally happen within the SDC such as; First Friday Resume’ and Mock Interviews throughout the year and the Student and Career Center at the National conference (just to name a couple). As we look to the upcoming conference there are many ways for anyone interested to get involved with the SDC. You can join us on one of our monthly all calls, sign up to volunteer for Frist Friday Mock Interview and Resume’ Reviews or sign up for some of our National Conference Tasks. One of our overarching priorities for this year, while not an official goal and more of a philosophical change, is that we are trying to make sure that all committees are reaching out to students. The SDC cannot reach every student, nor are we the right fit for students interested in access and permitting, or environmental stewardship, for example. This year we will be asking all committees to have some presence at the Student Welcome Social and Student Business Meeting to meet with students and talk about how they can provide opportunities for learning and professional growth. While the SDC is, and always will be, there to promote the development of AORE’s student population it is up to all the committees to make sure that each student is met where they are.