AORE Association News June 2015 - Page 5

From the President Dear AORE Members, I have been thinking recently about balancing my responsibility for managing the big picture and the details of my program. For example, I strive to keep my program’s offerings current and responsive to the needs of our participants. At the same time I need to ensure the first aid kits medications haven’t expired. Prioritizing my time and energy in accomplishing these two goals is a delicate balance. I believe all of you who manage an outdoor program can relate to this. We have the same challenge in the management of our Association. I am pleased to share some of the ways we are managing the big picture and ways that we are maintaining a focus on the details. The big picture: Jeannette Stawski, Paul Sanford and Brian Shirley recently attended a meeting of the Outdoor Access Working Group in Washington DC. At this meeting they were able to speak on behalf of the AORE membership to key land managers. A working group has developed procedures for the establishment of memorial awards and scholarships. The board will receive a training on diversity and inclusion at our mid-year meeting with the aim of replicating it for Association leaders at the annual conference. The Diversity and Inclusion task force has submitted a Diversity and Inclusion statement for the board to consider. The details: The BOD will be devoting time at our annual mid-year meeting to reviewing and updating the AORE Standard Operating Procedures manual. Jeannette will be traveling to various sites interested in hosting our 2016-18 annual conference. The development of committee charters to clarify expectations for success. A timeline is being developed for the upcoming online BOD elections. These are but a few examples of the work being done by your national office, board, committee chairs and members. Please contact a board member if you would like to contribute your time, energy and talents to advancing the profession of Outdoor Recreation and Education. One more thing, don’t forget to check the expiration date on your ibuprofen. Sincerely, Guy B. deBrun AORE President Asst. Director of Adventure & TEAM Programs James Madison University 5