AORE Association News June 2015 - Page 4

From the Executive Director Dear AORE Members, We’re celebrating an anniversary here at AORE, and as people tend to do on anniversaries, we are looking back and looking ahead. At the same time of celebration, we are facing a challenge many of you are well acquainted with: In an age of increasing competition, rising costs, increased service and programming demands and higher levels of professionalism, we have been working hard developing a national office with a capacity for success. We continue to have increasing membership numbers, have expanded our member benefits, have grown our vendor and partner relationships, and have increased the size, value, and level of deliverables of our annual conference. To do all of this, it has required the contribution of many, many talented volunteers, staff, and contractors. In 2011, the AORE moved its National Office into the NEW Center. NEW stands for “Nonprofit Enterprises at Work” and it is an office building where over 25 non-profits are housed. AORE took rental possession of Suite 111 – 218 square feet laid out in a unique “L” design and a partial wall that separated our office area from our neighbor. Outfitted with donations from member programs and the local recycle center, our office has been based on close community and efficient use of resources. In 2011 we also hired our first staff members to support the office work at the NEW Center. Since that time, the first part time hourly staff has evolved from solely part time to full time employees, independent contractors, as well as local interns and volunteers. I am excited to introduce the membership to our new staff member, Emily Thomas who started on June 1, 2015. Emily joins AORE as Assistant Director and Membership Coordinator. I am delighted to share with you that the AORE is moving into a new office space at the NEW Center on July 8. This new space is 485 square feet, has a window, meeting space and adequate storage for AORE archives, inventory and resources that support BOD and committee work. This move will allow for a more private work environment for staff to conduct member business, as well as allow for space for staff and volunteer workers to continue to be successful. The AORE continues to grow in not only membership and conference, but also in influence on a national level, depth of contributors to the mission, diversity of inputs and engagements, and an array of programs and resources based upon members demands and interests. As your ED I can’t express how thankful I am for all who have worked so hard to generate the resources and made decisions to provide for future of our Association’s Organizational Health. Here is to new opportunities at NEW, and the advancement of AORE. Sincerely, Jeannette Stawski, AORE Executive Director 4