AORE Annual Report 2016 - Page 9




Received a total of 23 research abstract submissions of which each abstract underwent a thorough blind peer review.

Successfully secured a Keynote Speaker to highlight the integral connection between research, evidence, and practice.

The 2016 Research Symposium once again hosted a formal Poster Presentation session.


Received a total of 6 student compositions, of which each student composition underwent a thorough blind peer review.

Following a blind peer review, one graduate and undergraduate were identified as 2016 AORE Literary Award winners.


2015 grant recipients presented findings from their innovative research that utilized biomarkers as one method of evaluating the efficacy of outdoor adventure programming on college campuses.

With the gracious support of the Board of Directors, the R&P was able to once again post a ‘Request for Proposals’ for a 2016 AORE Research Grant in the amount of $5000.

The R&P and Research Grant Review Committee received a total of 19 highly competitive grant proposals.

R&P created a revised and updated review form to more effectively identify proposals that aligned with the AORE’s mission and vision.


R&P finalized details to make AORE Conference Proceedings completely accessible through search databases such as EBSCO.

R&P committee member, Dr. Andrew Szolosi participated as one of 12 delegates on the G Adventures/AORE expedition to Peru

(above) The Student Development Committee Student Ambassadors decorate hats at the 2016 Annual Conference.

(right) An Environmental Stewardship Committee member participates in the first annual AORE National Day of Service.