AORE Annual Report 2016 - Page 8



The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force was elevated to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. This was a decision made by the BOD based on the need for more regular DEI work within AORE.

The DEI Committee worked with the Avarna group, the industry's leading DEI think tank, to create a comprehensive proposal for AORE to advance its DEI efforts.

The DEI Committee oversaw and awarded the Student Bridge Builder Scholarship for 2016

The DEI Committee delivered the first inclusion trainings to 2016 conference presenters.

In August, The DEI Committee engaged in a conference recruitment effort and Bridge Builder Scholarship advertisement effort in nine midwestern states.

The DEI committee worked with the Access and permitting committee to identify Summit Series presenters as well as pre-conference programming related to both areas of interest.


Increased the number of reviewers for presentations and on-boarded other committee chairs/vice chairs to help with review process as there were 112 proposals submitted and they chose 58 to present at the conference.

Schedule for conference released in conjunction with first day of registration!

Added Mini breakout sessions to offer a variety of shorter presentations.

Collaborated with Event Garde and the R&P Committee to streamline the call for proposals.

Streamlined all online applications and review process through the National Office.

Resources shared with presenters on presenter tips and tricks to improve the presentation skills of those accepted.

The PRC met at the conference and had a conference call in December to set goals for 2017 in order to better serve the membership.


Successful co-chair election of Chris Hendricks to SDC leadership.

The SDC has recorded information for 352 Colleges and Universities throughout the U.S.

We reviewed 34 resume’s and conducted many mock interviews throughout the year.

The SDC paired 35 mentors and mentees in 2016, more than doubling last year’s participation

We launched the SDC Student Ambassadors at the 2016 conference. We had a group of 8 veteran AORE students that served as an interactive resource for first-time conference attendees. Throughout the conference, this team engaged with new attendees during socials, meals and in between educational sessions. These interactions helped to disperse information of all the resources available through the AORE and encouraged folks to get further involved with the Association.

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