AORE Annual Report 2016 - Page 6


From the President

Russ Watts

President, Watts Group Coaching & Consulting

2016 was the year that I was honored to serve as the President of the Board of Directors along with a group of likewise passionate and talented volunteer Board Members and fantastic staff. It was a year of raising the bar and achieving many of the goals we had set out to accomplish when we created our strategic vision and plan.

This year more than ever before, AORE has fine-tuned our ability to not only see the road map, but adjust course based on the course desired. Through performance based budgeting we created not only this map, but were able to steer towards the direction of success. I believe we had better alignment of all our efforts due to our clarity of vision and ability to draw the budgetary map. We became better at using objective metrics to decide where to use our staff and volunteer time, what projects to strive to complete now and which ones to achieve in 2017 and beyond.

2016 was also the year where took philanthropy to a new level of engagement. With 100% BOD and staff giving, it set the stage for the following year to have the same goals met even earlier with added 100% Committee chair giving as well. Each and every BOD member participated in the membership drive, helping to continually connect AORE’s leadership with our growing membership.

All of AORE’s accomplishments would not have been possible if it weren’t for the countless hours of diligence and dedication provided by numerous volunteers on committees, task forces, at the conference, and of course, the skilled and stellar staff. I have been humbled by our achievements this year and impressed by our commitment to move our mission and vision into the future.

Russ and his family enjoying a bike ride in Italy