AORE Annual Report 2016 - Page 5


FUNDRAISING EFFORTS. AORE assessed past and current fundraising efforts and initiatives while developing an AORE donor database and new donor tracking mechanisms. We developed a compelling Case for Support for student development fundraising and published our first Impact Report featuring the student scholarships AORE awards. We also identified donor prospects and deployed the first AORE donor event and mailed donor appeal.

In 2016, AORE actively engaged in the issues and policies that affect our membership and industry. Motivated by our members and charged by the Board of Directors, AORE is strategically working to remove or lower the actual and perceived barriers that prevent our organization, our membership, and the outdoor industry from achieving success.

As Executive Director, I thank you for your dedication to advancing yourself and your professional development which directly impacts those that you lead and introduce to outdoor recreation and education. Together, we continue to maximize our efforts for our membership, while moving the needle for the entire industry.

STUDENT ADVANCEMENT. Working with organizations such as Transforming Youth Outdoors, 21 Conservation Service Corps, the National Park Service, and the Association for Experiential Education, AORE identified the staffing skills and needs of potential employers in our industry. To better serve our students, and support emerging leaders in this sector, we developed and deployed current and actionable materials, advice, and resources to empower student members. Currently, committees and strategic partners are providing resources so members have the requisite skills and knowledge to not only pursue their outdoor career but make a lasting and positive impact on those they lead.

DIVERSITY. We have volunteers, staff, and members working to identify programs and organizations that can expand our breadth of knowledge and invite them to work alongside AORE providing tools, trainings, and educational programming for members as well as conference attendees. Our vision is for the entire AORE membership and organization to learn and grow through these connections and partnerships so that the opportunities for personal and community development through outdoor recreation and education continue to expand for everyone.

Annual Priority #3

Development: Strengthen resources to preserve fiscal sustainability.

DEVELOPMENT EXPERTISE. AORE hired development consultant, Mia Axon, to work with myself, AORE staff and Board to help advance the philanthropic culture of the organization. Mia first looked at current and past fundraising efforts and initiatives, to offer recommendations for moving forward; and second, provided ongoing strategic fundraising counsel to AORE’s executive leadership and staff.

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