AORE Annual Report 2015 - Page 7

Supporting the strategic plan, the AORE Board of Directors completed the following action items in 2015:

1. Created the framework and charter for a governance committee.

2. Executed an online election for the BOD.

3. Created onboarding resources for the board of directors including learning outcomes, assessments, and updated FAC documents.

4. Membership drive was launched and carried out by the BOD.

5. Created a diversity and inclusion taskforce, conducted a diversity and inclusion training for BOD members and pre-conference workshop, and adopted a statement for AORE.

6. Drafted and approved a policy for the establishment of memorial awards, and established the Patsy Kott Service Award.

AORE National Office

810.299.2781 - 1100 North Main St. Suite 101, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 -

National Office Staff

Nellie Ruedig

Office Manager and Membership Coordinator


Jeannette Stawski

Executive Director

Hannah Cooley

Office Manager and Membership Coordinator


Emily Thomas

Assistant Director and Membership Manager