AORE Annual Report 2015 - Page 3

Letter from the PResident

Greetings AORE!

In 2015 I had the pleasure of serving as President of the Board, I had the honor of serving

with many dedicated volunteers and staff to advance our profession. 2015 was an

outstanding year for our association. It was a year of implementing items from the five year

strategic plan that we all worked hard to create in 2014.

Our staff, committee members, board of directors, and volunteers were extremely productive

this year. 2015 saw the first on-line Board of Directors election, a significant positive step

towards on-boarding newly elected members. A Diversity and Inclusion Task-Force was

launched and that group crafted and diversity and inclusion statement for the AORE. Through the

grass roots efforts of the entire membership we raised enough funds to endow the Patsy Kott

Memorial Award and. The Awards Committee awarded it at the annual conference in one of the best

organized award banquets in recent memory. We funded a research project that the Research and

Publications Committee awarded to a project that will examine the outcomes and benefits of our

programs. The Environmental Stewardship Committee created an Environmental Statement for the

Association. The Access Committee continued their excellent work advocating for our profession at high

levels including the National Park Service. The Student Development Committee created year round

mock interviews and resume critiques. The Presenter Relations Committee did an outstanding job of

delivering educational content at our annual conference. Which reminds me, we also managed to put on a

great conference in Atlanta with the leadership of Jeannette, Matt Marcus and many, many volunteers.

I am honored to have served the Association on the Board of Directors and proud of what we accomplished this

year. I am excited for what the future holds for AORE.


Guy B. deBrun