AORE Annual Report 2015 - Page 22

Presenter Relations Committee

Supporting the strategic plan, the Public Relations Committee completed the following action items in 2015:

1. Revised the logistics of how we evaluate presentation proposals by utilizing Jot


2. Received over 140 presentation proposals, 46 were accepted.

3. Presented at the national conference “So you want to present at AORE”.

4. Distributed resources to accepted presenters for the national conference.

Student Development Committee

Supporting the strategic plan, the Student Development Committee completed the following action items in 2015:

1. Successfully implemented the “First Friday” year-round mock interview and resume critique

program. The program resulted in a 100% match rate every month based on student

requests and volunteers.

2. Successfully proposed the Bridge Builder Grant, which recognizes the work of two

students who have helped contribute to a more inclusive outdoor community by awarding

them complimentary conference registration.

3. The annual Conference Scholarship program achieved a 119% increase in the number of

submitted and eligible scholarship applications (21 in 2014, 46 in 2015).

4. Established and effectively carried out an election process for SDC c-chairs that used

the new BOD nomination/election process as a model.

5. New programming, which included the “Student Guide to the AORE conference”,

“Conference Survival Handbook”, and “Student Ambassador Team”, to improve the new

student experience at the conference.

Enviornmental Stewardship committee

Supporting the strategic plan, the Environmental Stewardship committee completed the following action items in 2015:

1. Created an official Environmental Statement for AORE.

2. Developed an award to identify an outdoor program that

exemplifies environmental and sustainable principles and

practices in-house and the field.

3. Developed a ‘green’ manual for use as a conference host site

identification and promotional tool.

4. Developed an AORE Policy Position Recommendation Form

and Approval Procedure for External Advocacy related tasks.