AORE Annual Report 2015 - Page 11

In 2015 Ithaca College’s completed its 7th Immersion Semester Program- providing students with over 15,000 contact hours.

USF Outdoor Recreation tripled their GA's, rolled out new GPS based Share-A-Bull bike program, and began renovations on new Outdoor Resource Center.

It takes a village! Thanks to a great team, including over 150 student instructors, Cornell Outdoor Education proudly served up 40,000 program days this year!

The University of Maryland received an Adaptive Sports Grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs. They have been able to engage veterans through kayaking, to support them in a way that cannot be found in the classroom.

The College of William & Mary’s Tribe Adventure Program saw a 52% increase in outdoor orientation program participation, an 118% increase in adventure trip participation, and a 60% increase in trip staff!

Portland State University ran a very successful Spring Break trip along the Oregon PCT inspired by the book "Wild."