AORE Annual Report 2014 - Page 20

2014 Donors & Sponsors

Beginning in January 2014, the following have made donations to back AORE’s efforts to provide opportunities for professionals and students in the field of outdoor recreation and education. In addition to cash donations listed in this section, we receive many in-­kind contributions of time and travel from volunteers, particularly by the Board of Director members. We also receive hundreds of items for the annual Auction at the National Conference, which raises funds to help professional and student development. For these donations and sponsorships, we say a HUGE thank you!

Albert Mitugo

Amanda Even

Andrew Shallcross

Bryan Karban

Christie Hicks

Christopher Bullard

Christopher Morris

David Roth

Elizabeth Andre

Genevieve Marchand

Guy deBrun

Hannah S Cooley

Ian Brown

Jason Gosch

Jason Kurten

Jeannette Stawski

Jenn Velie

Jennifer Hopper

Jenny Strovas

Jessica Abt

John Whipple

Jory Horner

Kent Grier

Kevin Soleil

Lance Haynie

Linda Rosenkranz

Mackenzie Brady

Mark Oldmixon

Michael Willett

Mick Daniel

Mike Doyle

Mitch Hoffman

Nathan Williams

Nicholas Weisgerber

Paul Sanford

Phil Friesen

Rick Dawson

Russell Watts

Silvia Chan

Steve Thompson

Susan Cooley

Tara Allman

Tim Mertz

Tim Moore

Todd Bauch

Todd Grier

Tom Rottler

Tyler Merriam

Utah State University

A huge thank you to those vendors who donated items for various events throughout the 2014 Annual Conference!